Sunday, August 23, 2009

A gift...

The dear sisters in Heart of Mary gave me a sweet thank you gift for serving on the board last year. I was amazed when I opened it to find a lovely little statue of Mary holding Jesus and then a necklace and prayer card of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Especially amazing is that I had just filled out a Secret Sister form and stated that I love all things Mary and that Our Lady of Guadalupe is my favorite!! How amazing is that? I have a special fondness for her as I grew up right next door to Guadalupe, a little town just outside of Santa Maria. I really believe that Mary has been watching over me all these years and that those early stirrings in my heart to become a Catholic had a lot to do with her intercession. So I will wear this beautiful necklace with a humble heart and gratitude for those dear friends and for our Lady, herself, who has been so near to me all of these years.

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