Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Boys

This has been quite a week. The Dad is gone on business and I am here, trying to keep the home running smoothly. A birthday has come and gone. Try-outs for high school soccer are over. The outcome was not as we would have like it but we will "learn to live with it", as the birthday girl would say. But the best part of the week is that my boys have been there for me. That is the best!

Jason popped in early one morning to share some mourning with me over the loss of his grandpa, my dad. We spent time laughing and crying over that most eccentrically wonderful man and realized that we are so very much like him. He is so much a part of who we are and it is very good, indeed. No need to apologize for being so wild and crazy, just live life to the fullest. That is the mantra and we're sticking to it. It was cleansing for me to be able to share with dear son all the thoughts and feelings that I've been stewing over. It was also good to do a little grieving since I've been doing my best to keep it all so light and unemotional. Tears are good. Tears are cleansing. Tears unite us. What a gift it was for me to have that time to be together and to be real. Thanks, son, I needed that.

Today was one of those days. We were off to celebrate birthdays of Abby and her buddy from our homeschool group who has the same birthday as she has. It was a fun day for them both and the little friend who was invited as their guest. We saw a movie and had lunch and ice cream. Just perfect for 6 year olds. On the way I spoke with Noah about a family dinner and my plumbing crisis du jour. He was happy to offer advice and was ready to add our plans to his calendar. It is so good to be able to call on a son and have them ready to offer aid in whatever form.

When the practices were over and it was time for baths the reality of our plumbing crisis was beginning to grow larger than this mom could handle. So phone call goes out to the next son, Adam, who was on his way home and could drop by to help. It ended up being more than Walmart could handle and we are now on hurricance mode, which means we are turning water on and off outside our home so as not to run hot water down the drain for days on end with no way to turn that water off inside the home. It keeps you humble. It keeps you careful. It makes you very thankful for that water that you have to crawl under the house to turn on so you can get a drink or to wash your hands. This is a good lesson to learn in these days of re-evaluating out wants and needs. Water is a need and we are going to learn to be grateful for that precious, wet resource that we must conserve and work hard to use.

But the greatest thing I treasure from all of this is that God has blessed me with children, some all grown up now, who are there for me. That sounds kind of selfish but I point out their unselfishness in being willing to drop their plans to come to my rescue. They have willing hearts and hands that are ready to aid those in need. It does not have to be this family. They are there for others all the time. They are capable, willing, smart, sensitive, and I am so proud of them all.

The ones who are not mentioned in these few lines are right there behind them. The lawn was mowed by one very hard worker. Others have dreams and plans that amaze me and they are hard at work reaching for the stars. Others have been face to face with great disappointment and yet have found the silver lining in the dark cloud. Some are tender and patient. Some are full of laughter and mischief. In all these things I rejoice because no matter what happens, I am blessed beyond measure. And so I give thanks for these children, young and old, who are there, for me, and for others. Thanks be to God!