Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Horrible Kind of Scare

Our normal afternoon/evening: Tim and several children go to the soccer field for the various practices. Tonight he has a meeting so I go to pick up children and come home to feed them dinner. When I left Beka was taking Coal (dog) for a walk. Upon my return I find Coal resting on the porch, leash still attached to collar. Come in the house; "Beka!" No answer. She must be reading, showering, something. Give bath orders, go to make an online appointment, wait for the internet connection, then get that sickest kind of feeling in my gut. Where is Beka? Not in the house. Not in the shower. Not in her car. Phone is in her room. No way to get in touch with her. My worst nightmare is startiing to unfold. I jump into my car, not really knowing what to do or where to go, and head down the road in search of that lost child, totally panicked and imagining the worst! Around the corner, down the road, there is someone in the road, in the dark. It is Beka! "What are you doing? I have been worried sick, looking for you!" "I am looking for my earring from Germany!" She lost it while walking the dog. I won't go into anymore of the conversation but I was filled with both relief and anxiety. In todays world people disappear every day and are never found. That has always been one of my worst fears and my kids know it. Things could have been much different and I am so thankful that they were not but I will never shake that feeling of thinking my child has been kidnapped, or much worse. One's mind can run down all kinds of thorny paths when in a moment of crisis. I pray that we never have to do down that route again.

So I will say, "Thanks be to God for His mightly protection and His most gracious mercy towards us!"

Well, I am thankful for the safe return of the lost daughter and I pray that we will all be a little more careful when we are out on our walks!!